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Dear Reader,

Like you, I want every man, woman, and child on earth to live a long, happy, healthy, and wealthy life in freedom. Please remember that our differences, if any, exist only in our choice of the means to that end. As I see it, there are two choices: Socialism and Libertarianism. I am a Libertarian. To understand the consequences of Socialism look at Venezuela, Cuba, Greece, and Puerto Rico today. Learn the history of Soviet Russia under Lenin and Stalin, Communist China under Mao Zedung, Cambodia under Pol Pot.

I believe that the means I propose will lead to our shared goal. I am here to discuss the issue with you.

Yours truly in Freedom,


Martin Cowen (published April 25, 2016, web site opening day)

P.S. Zovirax Discount Coupons is the title of my recently published book.